Meet Dr. Manish Dhutia

Meet Your Trusted Katy, Texas Orthodontist

Manish Dhutia DMD MS - Orthodontist in Katy, TX - Katy OrthodonticsWhen I was growing up, orthodontic care was not within my reach. In fact, the city where I grew up did not even have an orthodontist. Finally, I got braces as an adult while attending dental school. I realized, first-hand, how life-changing having a beautiful smile you’re not afraid to hide really is. It has been my mission ever since to provide this kind of impact in others’ lives through my profession. My work is smiles – confident and self-esteem boosting smiles.


My studies took me all over the world. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean and went all over America. My education includes:

Continuing Education and Professional Affiliations

My staff and I attend annual conferences put on by the American Association of Orthodontists and other education lectures across the country every year to stay current with the newest advances in oral healthcare. We are always excited by the latest developments in treatment techniques and technologies. I hold membership in numerous professional organizations to gain from the shared experience and opinions of other leaders in the field. My professional affiliations include:

In the Office

I treat all patients as if they were part of my own family. I want to give them all the best possible smiles by using only comfortable and efficient procedures. I provide personalized care and make it a priority to spend one-on-one time with each patient at every appointment. We go over goals, needs, and treatment options. We are detail-orientated and never rush our process. I also answer all questions and concerns that come up. I am happiest when my patients smile freely, and I want my patients to be confident in their treatment from day one.

In the Community

Giving back to the community is a fundamental part of my practice’s work philosophy. I am personally involved in multiple charities, and I donate to every school and after school program that my patients are involved in. I also treat a number of cases free of charge every year for families in need. The great community of Katy has already given me much, and I want to help put an end to childhoods of hidden smiles like mine.

Outside the Office

I am of Indian origin; my grandparents migrated to Kenya. I was born in Kenya but have lived all over thanks to my great education. I have happily settled down in Katy, Texas, for eighteen years now with my wife, Purvi, who is a native of Houston. We fell in love with the community of Katy and believe it to be a great place for our family. We have two children, a daughter named Shreya and a son named Shaan. I could not ask for a better family. I love spending time with them, and I continue to enjoy traveling around the world. Shreya is currently attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I also enjoy swimming, biking, and going on campouts with Shaan, which are put on by Boy Scouts of America.

Dr. Dhutia with His Family