Laser Tooth Exposure and Gum Surgery

Exposure of Impacted Teeth for Orthodontics in Katy, TX

Laser Orthodontic Treatments in Katy, TX - Katy OrthodonticsDuring routine orthodontic care, a patient may discover that a permanent tooth is impacted or “stuck” in a position and cannot erupt normally. If the impacted tooth is allowed to stay for too long, the normal root formation of the impacted tooth can damage the adjacent teeth.

Dr. Dhutia uses an advanced pain free laser technique to expose the impacted tooth by removing a small amount of the surrounding gum tissue. Then, Dr. Dhutia will use orthodontic techniques to gently move the tooth into proper position. Dr. Dhutia also uses a laser for other treatments that require excess gum tissue to be removed.

Laser exposure is a comfortable and efficient process that eradicates bacteria with minimum pain, swelling, and bleeding. Call us at (281) 395-8488 to schedule a free consultation.