Forsus for Lower Jaw Correction

Forsus Overbite Corrector in Katy, TX

Forsus Fatique Resistant Device in Katy, TX - Katy OrthodonticsAn extreme overbite can cause discomfort and pain in your jaw joints while eating or make you feel embarrased to smile. Katy Orthodontics offers the advanced Forsus™ appliance by 3M to correct the jaws and improve the appearance of your smile.

Forsus is a cutting-edge dental appliance that can correct an extensive overbite without having to wear rubber bands or headgear. The system is attached to existing braces and works by moving the upper teeth backward and the lower teeth forward to establish a healthier, more comfortable bite.  There is no cooperation or compliance needed by the patient since the Forsus springs are gently working all day and night to fix the overbite.  They typically correct the overbite within a few months, which makes them more efficient and predictable when compared to elastic rubberbands.

If you or your child have an overbite, the Forsus system by 3M may be an excellent option. Learn more about the Forsus appliance by calling Dr. Dhutia at (281) 395-8488 to schedule a complimentary consultation.